1) How can Earth’s Brew be applied to my daily routine?

Earth’s Brew can be used in a variety of ways depending on the individual and situation. It is designed to promote relaxation while allowing the user to sustain their active, productive lifestyle. Some users like to use Earth’s Brew to help with adaptability in stressful situations to gain an advantage, and others enjoy using it in a more laid back social context.

2) How is Earth’s Brew consumed?

The imagination and personal tastes of the user are the only limits. Earth's Brew tastes great in water alone, but also blends well with a variety of other flavor combinations. Typically, users will take a sip or two from a water bottle, then add the packet and shake to mix. Some of our more hands-on customers have developed unique recipes ranging from fresh fruit smoothies to lemonade mixers.

Many users report a more potent effect on an empty stomach and/or when consumed more rapidly.

3) Does Earth’s Brew contain caffeine?

Earth’s Brew contains a small amount of naturally occurring caffeine (20mg) that is derived from its green tea component.

4) What role do plants play in Earth’s Brew?

The primary active ingredients, kavalactones, greet tea, and Asian ginseng, are derived from plants. They are used in a precise ratio to deliver a unique synergistic experience. Earth’s Brew does not contain any artificial sweeteners or artificial coloring, the ingredients used are stevia and turmeric, both with their origins from plants. Earth’s Brew does contain some non-plant based ingredients that we felt served an important purpose, including supplementation with B6 and B12 vitamins, which are important nutrients to support our vegan users, as the diet can often be deficient in this area without supplementation.

5) Is your kava Noble or Tudei?

We use Noble kava.  Noble kava is widely regarded as optimal in terms of its quality and beneficial effects, which has made it the most traditionally consumed by islanders for centuries.