Our Story

Earth’s Brew was birthed out of a multifactorial combination of perspectives: As healthcare practitioners, and as patients ourselves, we experienced the seemingly ubiquitous effects of stress, tension, and uneasiness from both sides of the aisle. Synthetic drugs offered quick relief, but also brought with them the pitfalls of mental and physical fatigue, impairment, and in some cases, the devastation of addiction. None of which are compatible with the active, healthy, engaged lifestyle that we all strive to lead.

Conversely, natural treatments sometimes avoided these pitfalls, but far too often did not include the ingredient potency to truly offer an effective solution, and commonly still produced an undesirable feeling of sluggishness.

Our growing passion for the benefits of nutrition, plants, and herbs led to a realization of just how underutilized the select finest of these these natural gifts have become in modern society when sourced in relevant doses, leading us on a mission to create the optimal formula to help ourselves and others deal with these problems in a way that bridges relief, health and nutrition, and mental clarity for a high-functioning lifestyle...all with a taste that rivals the best drinks on the market. A way to incorporate these benefits in a way that is not only rewarding, but also genuinely enjoyable.

We are truly honored to play a part in elevating your day! Thank you, from all of us at the Earth’s Brew team.