be guided by your thoughts, not your cravings or doubts

We all want to live better, healthier, and more successful lives, but so often our emotions and physiological responses (e.g. fear, cravings, stress) overwhelm our rational thoughts and desires, which throws us off course and prevents us from achieving our goals, whether dietary, physical, mental, social, or professional in nature. Earth's Brew is an innovative health-conscious functional tea that puts you back in in the driver's seat, using a synergistic mix of evidence-backed plant and herbal ingredients to promote a sense of high-functioning/active calm, relieve stress, boost metabolism, and focus the mind. Earth's Brew is designed to be consumed any time of day in virtually any setting (e.g. the office, the classroom, social settings, etc). On exercise/training days, Earth's Brew should be consumed any time of day after the completion of the workout or at least two hours prior to the workout.


Stress has been scientifically identified as among the most common causes of not only overeating, but making poor dietary and lifestyle choices. The vast majority of diets and products that promote weight loss fail to incorporate a holistic approach that includes stress relief, and thus limit their efficacy and often fail. According to Harvard Medical School, "Physical or emotional distress increases the intake of food high in fat, sugar, or both."

And cravings are just the tip of the iceberg, as stress can affect a host of other areas of your life, including sleep problems, anxiety, lack of motivation or focus, and exercising less often. For more information on the effects of stress, see what stress does. You could have a whole cabinet of products to attempt to cope with these symptoms of stress, or you could go straight to the source.

Whether your goal is to add LEAN body mass, slim down and tone up, or simply to live a healthier, more productive lifestyle, stress is the enemy.

A great tasting, innovative fusion including herbs, antioxidants, adaptogens, and phytonutrients.

  • Ingredients to Melt Stress, Boost Metabolism, and Focus the Mind

  • Gluten Free

  • Sugar Free

  • No Artificial Sweeteners or Coloring

  • Only 15 Calories Per Serving

The taste is amazing for an herbal drink. I feel relaxed and comfortable, but also sharp and ready.
— Sean S.

A drink for a new age of better nutrition, better fitness, and better knowledge that helps you take on life with a calm, clear-minded confidence:

  • Dieting, Healthy Lifestyle Choices

  • Interacting with People in Social or Professional Settings

  • Interviews, Presentations

  • Exams, Studying

  • Compatible with Vegan, Low-Carb/Keto, and other popular health-conscious diets


renowned Ingredients derived from rich cultural histories

Earth's Brew contains some of the most celebrated plant-based ingredients derived from a variety of rich cultural histories, including antioxidant packed, metabolism boosting green tea, the legendarily relaxing Noble Fijian root, and robust Korean ginseng for vitality, all sweetened with the stevia plant to deliver these cherished herbs in an uncommonly delicious package. These time-honored herbs have been used for centuries, cultivating storied reputations in their respective traditions. Additionally, Earth's Brew is a convenient way for vegans in particular to get 100% of the recommended daily allowance of vitamin B12.

advantages of stick-Packaging

Produced in a state of the art GMP facility in the United States, Earth's Brew is packaged in convenient individual use stick packs for optimal ease of use on the go.  Stick packaging is an environmentally friendly format that uses considerably less packaging material and places a much lower weight burden on transportation than more traditional liquid packaging alternatives, saving money for our customers on shipping. it also allows us to offer a higher level of content (generous ingredient amounts and top-notch quality) than other options while still remaining price competitive, creating unmatched value.


Why Earth's Brew


Earth grown, stress-melting relaxation and mental clarity for the next evolution of you.


A great tea at minimum must include the finest ingredients that promote a healthy lifestyle. Fantastic taste is a plus. While Earth's Brew is genuinely exceptional in both areas, we felt that a truly great tea should be even more: a palpable transformation of mind and body in minutes.


A comprehensive lifestyle supplement that takes a revolutionary holistic approach that includes physical and mental aspects. Plant-based support for mind, body, social, or professional goals. To actively participate in both the challenges and rewards of daily life with a calm and relaxed yet focused, energetic, and balanced presence instead of drowning them out, as part of an enhanced lifestyle that incorporates diet, exercise, and stress management.


Earth's Brew was created by a diverse team including experience in neuroscience and professional health to deliver A product with with the tools to aid those that are serious about getting to the next level in AN INCREASINGLY STRESSFUL SOCIETY, All WITH a smooth, delicious flavor that you'll want to come back to again and again.


Using celebrated herbal ingredients sourced from around the globe in relevant doses, earth's brew not only offers quality, but also value and convenience, while remaining light weight for transportation and minimizing the waste of water.  A truly mindful experience.


WE ARE proud to deliver Earth's brew, and know it can help you put your best foot forward.



Earth's Brew is designed only for adults 18 years of age or older.  By purchasing this product you are consenting to being of age and adhering to instructions on the label.